IMHERE Dance Company is a contemporary dance company created in Vienna, Austria by Natalia Catanea and Victor Urtubia in 2014 and established in France Paris since September 2021.
IMHERE Dance focuses on international collaboration with artists from different fields such as film makers, writers, musicians, painters or visuals artists.
IMHERE dance’s work is a blend of film, contemporary and aerial flow and seamless movement, yet very physical, which mixes aerial dance, floor work with the lines and extensions of the dancers, allowing to explore the space in the air and the space at the ground from a dancing perspective, with its multiple artistic and expressive possibilities. Fusing the two levels as they are: earth and air, low and high.

Aerial Expression
Teacher Training

Beginners Dates 2023:
February 25th – May 25th & March 25th- June 25th
Summer: June 11th – August 11th
Fall: September 15th – December 15th

Beginners Advance Dates 2023:
May 25th – July 20th
Fall: September 15th – December 15th

Duration: 3 months
Modality: Classroom, online classes & Remotely

The Teacher Training Program has a diverse and challenging curriculum designed to illuminate each dancer’s inherent gifts, while refining a strong technical foundation.

Dancers engage in a rich schedule, attending classes during intensive weekends, and weekly online courses. Students work closely with a world-class faculty in the following courses.


Main subjects / training subjects: in all subjects the focus is on strengthening physical skills for artistic performance, gaining professional stage experience and promoting individual potential.

Supporting subjects: with the aim of supporting and strengthening the dancing body.

Theoretical subjects: theoretical knowledge as a foundation for an overall artistic understanding.