IMHERE dance company born 8 years ago in Vienna Austria. Based now and since a year ago in Paris, France.
The company develops in three core focuses -annual shows, films productions and international collaboration. The artistic director and choreographer, Natalia Catanea an independent latina artist, dancer, choreographer and founder -creator of Aerial Expression Method, is originally from Argentina and who has a particular interest in the ability of dance to constantly reinvent itself by interacting with other means of expression fissioning visual arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance and theatre in her creations.
Her choreographic practice merges bodies with elements and natural energy. Cinema, plastic arts, films, theatre and aerial, nothing stops the exploration.
She named the company IMHERE as a way of bringing us to the present moment, reflection of dance as a way of mediation and healing, just as its meaning, suggests and represent.
Her works are therefore, in 2015 she presented her first piece Dschungel Theatre Vienna, Austria. She foundered “KIDFLY“ the first aerial Ballet Vienna, presenting the first show a dance and film experience with a group of kids also part of the company in where she wanted to represent the amplitude and importance of expression in all ages.
In 2018 Natalia showed her second long play "Bilingual" a dance -film journey, also presented at Dschungel Wien. Introducing into the piece the sign language.

As a trainer, Natalia has taught her own technique based on expression force in many ways and bodies.