During the classes, with Expression style we explores a wide range of organic movements that are contemporary dance inspired with a strong base in aerial technique. Considering Aerial Expression as a dance where we found the space to use the emotional movement language in the plurality of expressions.
This method allows us to explore the space in the air and the space at the ground from a dancing perspective, with its multiple artistic and expressive possibilities. Fusing the two levels as they are: earth and air, low and high.
The emphasis is in artistry and musicality, quality of movement, details of while it challenges the dancer to move in a new and conscious ways to open itself and express through the movement in a inner dialog. The classes, evolves to the learning of a choreography. The emphasis on proper use of the energy and the breathing as another strong base in this class. Choreographies designed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students. The goal is an understanding of the Aerial Expression vocabulary.


In this class we will go through a quick warmup with exercises both on the floor and standing. Also part of this it is a physical work out to build a strong core and deep stretching to prepare for a short movement phrase at the end of the class. The level is open and our goal is to get comfortable with floor work, coordination and build up strength.