Aerial Expression
Review & Conditioning (Open Levels)
by Nina Braun
In this workshop you will go through the various moves from expression styles along with conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises. After grasping these fundamentals. Classes begin with basic skills and conditioning and gradually progress into fluid Expressions style choreographed sequences.
Date: Coming soon
Fundamentals (Intensive)
by Zoe
In this class we are going to take the time to explore the fundamentals of contemporary technique in a playful way. The goal of this class is to challenge ourselves in coordination of the arms, legs and torso, experiment with rhythm and deepen our understanding of alignment. Through the blending of basic contemporary techniques and improvisation tasks we are going to boost our creativity, gain strength and musicality and develop our confidence to make artistic decisions.
The class is going to start with a warm up, continued with floor work, center work and improvisation. Every class we are going to focus on a specific element or qualities like turning, jumping, spacial awareness, speed and musicality.
The elements practiced throughout the class are going to reappear in a choreography we are going to learn at the end of our session. Here we are going to use our curiosity, creativity and love for movement to enrich the learned steps with our personal style.
Dates: 02.10 & 03.10
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Price: €65


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