Aerial Expression

Aerial Expression method born 8 years ago, after a wide exploration into the range of organic movements. Expression style is Contemporary dance inspired, focusing as well in strong aerial technique base foundations.
Considering Aerial Expression as a dance where we found the space to use the emotional force and movement language in a plurality of expressions.
Visuals, story development, musicality, stage and interpretations are some of the base when we talk about Expression style.
This method allows us to explore the space in the air and the space at the ground from a dancing perspective, with its multiple artistic and expressive possibilities. Fusing the two levels as they are: earth and air, low and high.


€1.900 or 3 monthly payments of €633
Everyone attends our courses for different reasons. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion from Aerial Expression. Upon completion of the following: Attendance of min 90 in-class hours of training.
Passing the final written, skills & teaching tests taken during the course and final show composition test. If you do not pass you will be given one year to submit a video and complete any requirements.
Submissions within one year from your course completion date are complimentary.
Following the one year mark, all submissions will incur a review fee of €50.

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